JAS Tutorial for Snowmass CD

This document contains a set of tutorials on using JAS for LCD detector studies. The first 4 tutorials are designed to be followed in order, subsequent tutorials can be used in any sequence. The first three tutorials do not require any knowledge of the Java language, but to do serious analysis using JAS you will need to learn a little Java. Don't panic, it's really not too hard, and we have written a short manual that will introduce you to the key concepts you need to understand.

Each tutorial is a single web document, which you can print out if you wish, however if you print them out you probably still want to keep the online version open since there are some links which will be useful to follow as you go through the tutorial. At the bottom of each tutorial is a comment form where you can send us feedback, or point out things you found hard to understand. You can also view other peoples comments, so if you get stuck you might want to check the comments to see if anyone else has had the same problem and posted a solution.

Introductory Topics

Advanced Topics

Example Analyses

Works in Progress

Reference Material