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Papers relevant to the scientific program may be submitted to the Symposium. The papers will be available on the Los Alamos preprint archive site; the authors, titles, abstracts, and links to Los Alamos will be available on the LP99 web site. The list of submitted papers (but not the papers themselves) will be included in the Proceedings. Early submission is encouraged, and papers will be publicly available as soon as they are submitted. Authors who wish to keep results confidential until the Symposium may communicate privately with the Invited Speakers and delay submission until the deadline of August 7, 1999.

Browsing Contributed Papers

Browse the current list of contributed papers in the LP99 database, with links to Los Alamos 

Search the LP99 database for papers by author, words in title, or words in abstract.

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Submitting a Contributed Paper

Step 1: Submit your paper to the Los Alamos preprint archive, following their instruction. Note that this does NOT by itself constitute a contribution to LP99. Please check the response you will receive form Los Alamos, and check that you can view your own paper from the archive.

Step 2: Enter information into the LP99 contributed paper database. The required information  is title, author(s), and Los Alamos preprint number. Use our web entry form, or email the LP99 Symposium Administrator.

Step 3: When you receive email confirmation from LP99, check that information about your paper in our database, and the link we provide to the Los Alamos archive for you paper, are correct. If there are any problems, contact the LP99 Symposium Administrator.

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To submit a paper you must provide the title, abstract, the Los Alamos preprint number, and, if applicable, authors other than yourself.

Once submitted, any changes to this information must be made by contacting the  Symposium Administrator

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently unable to transmit vertical bars "|"  in your text . If you need to have "|" included in the title or abstract that you are submitting please notify the administrator and we will add the "|"         for you.

First Author's Name or Collaboration Name
Los Alamos Preprint Number
Additional Authors
Submitted By
Submitter's Email Address


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