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This page contains (or will contain) links to all information about using Java Analysis Studio (JAS)  for Linear Collider Detector (LCD) simulation, reconstruction and data analysis.

Tutorial and Users Guide

The LCD Tutorial was expanded and updated for Snowmass 2001. The guide is being slowly expanded to contain guides to using all of the different components of the LCD Java software. Whether you are just getting started with LCD data analysis or are already an experienced LCDer you are strongly encouraged to check it out.

API Documentation


The status of various packages within the project is listed on this status page.


The most recent version is 1.5.5 (see release notes). The hep.lcd package, including binaries, source code and documentation can be downloaded here. You can also load the hep.lcd package directly into JAS using the JAS View, Plugin Manager menu item. The Java Analysis Studio software itself can be downloaded from the Java Analysis Studio home page.

Source Code

The source code for the hep.lcd package is now stored in CVS. You can browse the source code on the web, or you can use a CVS client to access the source code. See the source code page for more details. There is also a page with instructions on building your own lcd.jar file from source.


Although it is possible to download data to your local machine and analyse it there, it is often more convenient and more efficient to analyse data using a remote data server. Currently the following data servers can be used to access LCD data:

The NIU group also maintains a server and a web search form for LCD datasets.

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