hep.lcd Source Code

The Java source code for the hep.lcd package has now been moved to CVS. This should make it much easier for anyone to look at, and if appropriate update, the code. CVS allows access from Windows, Unix and other platforms, and supports distributed access to the source code from anywhere on the network. There are several ways to access the source code, listed in order of complexity.

Browse the Code on the Web

If you only want to look at the code the easiest way is to just use your web browser. You can access the source code by clicking here. The web browsable version of the source code will allow you to:

  • Look at the latest version of all the source files
  • See what has changed relative to earlier releases
  • Link from the source code to the documentation
  • Download all or a part of the source code as a ZIP file

If however you want to use the source code to build your own version of lcd.jar, or to change the source code, you will not be able to do that via the web and will instead have to follow the instructions below for installing your own CVS client.

Use a CVS Client

The are many different packages available to allow you to access CVS files, including the traditional CVS line mode commands (available for Unix and Windows), a windows GUI client called WINCVS, and a Java client, JCVS, which should run on any Java enabled platform.

Whichever client you choose to use you will need the following information to access the hep.lcd CVS repository.

protocol: pserver
server: cvs.freehep.org 
cvsroot: /cvs/lcd
userid: anoncvs
password: jascvs
module: lcd

The userid and password given here will give you read-only access to the repository. If you need read/write access please contact tony_johnson@slac.stanford.edu.

Describing how to use CVS in general is beyond the scope of this document, but if you are interested in learning about CVS in detail the best starting point is probably the CVS FAQ. We have included some brief instructions on getting started with cvs below.

Using CVS

If you are using csh on unix here are the relevant commands:

setenv CVSROOT :pserver:anoncvs@cvs.freehep.org:/cvs/lcd
cvs login
CVS Password: jascvs
cvs co lcd

For windows users the equivalent commands are: (if you do not already have cvs.exe on your system you can download it from here).

set CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs@cvs.freehep.org:/cvs/lcd
cvs login
CVS Password: jascvs
cvs co lcd

Once you have your own copy of the source code you can build your own version of lcd.jar

Tony Johnson - Last Modified Tuesday, September 07, 2004