Version 1.5.5 (4 Aug 2003)

Version 1.5.4 (17 May 2003)

Version 1.5.1 (5 December 2002)

Version 1.5 (5 November 2002)


Muon Reconstruction



Cluster Finding, Cluster ID and Reconstructed Particle

Version 1.4.4 package added.

Switch to using frisbee and latest freehep build tools

Various documentation updates

Version 1.4.3

Support for writing SIO files added.

Support for overlaying events added (see hep.lcd.util.event.MergedEvent)

Version 1.4.2

Some speed-ups in SIO.

Make constructor for PythiaParticlePropertyProvider public

3Vector methods of MC reconstructed track now refer to momentum not position

Version 1.4.1

Update, ReconTrackParameters and DocaTrackParameters, SmearTrack for curvature flip option. This is needed by the updated WiredLCDClient.

Update hep.lcd.util.swim.Helix for curvature flip option. (w.w., 06/18/01)

Add hep.lcd.util.swim.HelixSwim, which is needed by updated WiredLCDClient. (w.w., 06/16/01)

Add Vertex, VertexList and FitStatus to hep.lcd.event package.

Fix to LCD Event Display for tracks with large impact parameters.

Version 1.4.0

Add ZvTopVertexer R1.00 as first version to this release. (w.w., 06/05/01)

Add line to put current LCDEvent into hash in (w.w., 05/29/01)

Set default detector to "ldmar01" in (w.w., 05/29/01)

Updated new track error matrices for ldmar01, sdmar01 and p1 detectors to Bruce's matrices of end of April 2001. (w.w., 05/29/01)

For sdmar01 detector: Copied HitSmearing.ini, ClusterParameters.ini and TrackParameters.ini from s2 detector to make it working. These files probably need verification. (w.w., 05/29/01)

Added hep.lcd.contrib.physics.PythiaParticlePropertyProvider (from bobw)


Version 1.3.2

Add Si and P1 detector files (See Web help pages for descriptions)

Add SamplingFractions class to return sampling fractions for the calorimeters

Add Carbon and Stainless Steel to DeDx and RadLengths classes

Add getCalorimeterMomentum() method to MCParticle

Bug fix in AddRandomBkg (is it correct?)

Version 1.3.1

Add MC Particle Table to LCDPlugin

Version 1.3

Important Note

This release contains several changes that are not backward compatible, in particular the definition of getStatusCode() in MCParticle has changed, and the handling of detector geometry, in particular calorimeter cell objects, has been changed. See the notes below for more details.

The reconstruction code has not been completely tested under this release, and should be treated with some suspicion. The RadialClusterFinder does not work in this release (the SimpleClusterFinder should be OK).


Version 1.2

Version 1.11

Version 1.1

Version 1.0!

Version 0.992


Version 0.991


Event Structure

Version 0.99


Event Structure
Jet Finder
New Contributed Classes (from David Wagner)

Version 0.98


Cluster Finding
Event Display
New Contributed Classes (from David Wagner)

Note: A few routines now contain conditional compilation directives to allow the hep.lcd code to be targeted to either JAS 1.0 or JAS2.0. These conditional compilation directives are microsoft specific (boo hiss) so they will make it harder to compile the code with non-microsoft compilers. These directives will be removed as soon as the transition to JAS 2.0 is complete.

Version 0.97


Event Structure
Track Reconstruction

Fixed Bugs

Version 0.96

Non-Backwards compatible changes:

Other Changes

Changes Promised but not actually ready in time

Fixed Bugs

Known Bugs