Package hep.physics

Interface Summary
Hep3Matrix Hep 3x3 matrices
Hep3Vector Interface to be implemented by 3 Vectors
HepLorentzVector Interface to be implemented by 4 Vectors
Particle Description of a particle equivalent to HEPevt description
ParticleType Describes physics properties of a particular type of particle

Class Summary
BasicHep3Matrix 3x3 matrices for Hep3Vector operations.
BasicHep3Vector Basic implementation of a Hep3Vector
BasicHepLorentzVector BasicImplementation of a HepLorentzVector (4-vector)
DefaultParticlePropertyProvider Default table of particle properties used by ParticlePropertyProvider.
ParticleProperties This class represents the collected particle properties.

Exception Summary
UnknownParticleID throw in response to a request for a particle with an unrecognized PDGID