Chicago Linear Collider Workshop Simulation Session

January 8, 2002

Plenary Session Talk on Simulations, Norman Graf:  pdf


Norman Graf, SLAC Moving Forward  10 min
Rob McIntosh, NIU Getting Started with Simulations 10 min
Gary Bower/Ron Cassell , SLAC LCD Calorimeter Design Issues 20 min
M. Iwasaki/T Abe, Oregon/SLAC First LCD GEANT4 Results 15 min
Aaron Chou, SLAC Optimizing the Vertex Detector for Physics 15 min
Haijun Yang, U. Michigan A First Look at Track Reconstruction with High Machine Backgrounds 15 min
Ties Behnke, DESY European Simulation Group Status/Plans 15 min

If you would like to make a presentation please send mail to Norman A. Graf .
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